Galatians 5:1 means: Free to not be bound to trying to keep the law for righteousness…. free from the slavery of self-righteous attempts at keeping law and legalism ie religion or "good works" for our justification. There is yet so much more to our freedom in Christ, as expounded by the rest of the scriptures. … Continue reading Freedoms


We determine our own mandates as Christ leads us, as given to us by the Word of God. For example: I am owned, body, mind, conscience, soul & spirit, by God.I do not acknowledge satanists, the men in government who function as evil tyrants, as having authority over me.I resist the Great Reset, Communism, Marxism, … Continue reading Mandates


Things we can do right now:Humble ourselvesGive thanks to God for everythingConfess our sins and iniquities to GodRepentContinue to put our trust in ChristPRAY- warfare prayer against principalitiesPRAY- Intercede for all the saintsLove one anotherServe one anotherWitness boldly, speak the TRUTH, be salt & lightWorship with Joy

gods du jour

the god of stay safethe god of cover your mouththe god of do not speakthe god of the vackkkkkksthe god of the Statethe god of non-scientific sciencethe god of government money for medical facilitiesthe god of government money for pharma companiesthe god of peer-pressure and conformitythe god of silencingthe god of snitchingthe god of rejectionthe … Continue reading gods du jour